Representing Fan, Blower and Compressor Manufacturers and Related Process Equipment
Representing Fan, Blower and Compressor Manufacturers and Related Process Equipment

Advanced Environmental, Inc.
Air Cryo
Air Liquide America
Air Products & Chemicals
Airco Specialty Gases
Allied Signal Corporation
Allied Signal, Inc.
Alumas Mill Products
American Cyanamid
Appleton Paper Company
Armstrong World Industries
Atlas Processing Company
Ausimont USA, Inc.
Avtex Processing Company
B.F. Goodrich Chemical Company
Burton Corblin, Inc.
Bechtel Construction Inc.
Bickley, Inc.
Bloomsburg Craftsman
BOC Process Plants
BP Oil Company, Inc.
Brown Printing Company
C.M. Kemp Mfg. Company
Camden County Composting
Case Paper Company
Caterpiller Tractor Company
Mesa Petroleum Corp.
Chevron Chemical
Ciba Geighy Corp.
Columbia Gas Transmission
Scope, Inc.
Commonwealth of PA
Conoco, Inc.
Container Corp.
Dash World
Delmarva Power & Light
Diversified Printing Corp.
Drever Company
Drexel University
E.I DuPont de Nemours
Energy Conversion
Environclean, Inc.
Environmental Tectonic Corp.
Excelda Manufacturing
Firmenich, Inc.
Fitchburg Coated Products Company
Foster Wheeler Energy Corp.
Foster Wheeler USA
Fry Communications, Inc.
GCS, Inc.
GEA Food & Process Systems
Georgia Pacific Corp.
Getty Refining & Marketing

Glitsch, Inc.
Glitsch Technology Corp.
Goss Graphics Systems
Grace Davison, Inc.
Groundwater Recovery Systems
GSF Energy
Halltown Paperboard Company
Harley Davidson, Inc.
Hercules, Inc.
Hershey Chocolates, USA
Hexcell Chemical Products
Hilmont, USA
Hoeganaes Corp.
Hughes Printing Company
Hungerford & Terry
Hydra-Pak, Inc.
ICI Americas, Inc.
Innovatech, Inc.
Joseph Strong, Inc.
Kay Fries Chemical Company
Keeler Dorr Oliver
Kilngas R&D, Inc.
Kimberly Clark
Koppers Company, Inc.
Luddens, Inc.
Maple Press Company
Martin Marietta Company
Measurement Systems
MG Industries
Mid Atlantic Color Printing
Mobil Oil Corp.
Mobil Oil Research & Development
Modern Landfill & Recycling
Monsanto Company
Monsanto Europe, S.A.
Motter Printing Press Company
Mutimer Company
Nabisco, Inc.
National Starch & Chemical
New Chemical Company
Newark UMD
Newco Waste Systems
Niro, Inc.
Nitrotech Engineering Company
NLO, Inc.
Non-Cryo Nitrogen International
Norhthampton Generating Company
O’Brien Energy Systems
O’Brien Environmental Energy
O’Brien Machine Company
Occidental Chemical Company
Offset Paperback Company
Ohm Laboratories

Packaging Corp. Of America
Packaging Resources, Inc.
Panel Prints, Inc.
PECO Energy
Pennwalt Corp.
Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
Philadelphia Gas Works
Pillsbury Company
Post Precision Castings, Inc.
Pottstown Landfill
PPG Industries, Inc.
Pressure Technology
Princeton Packaging Company
Prosser Company
Quaker States
Quebecor Printing Company
Quo Zhou Chemical Corp.
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company
R&M Associates
R-Tech Industries
Ranch Cryogenics, Inc.
Rhone Poulenc, Inc.
Rock Tenn Company
Rockwell International
Rohm & Haas Company
Roosevelt Paper Company
Sherex Chemicals, Inc.
Shipley Company
Smith Environmental
Southern Services, Inc.
Specialty Minerals, Inc.
Stengel Welding
Sun Oil Company
Sun Refining & Marketing Co.
SVS, Inc.
T-Thermal Company
Tampella Keeler
Teledyne Wah Chang Albany
Tri-State Medial
Turbo Tec
U.S. Operation Service
Union Carbide
Unisource Worldwide
Viz Manufacturing Company
Voltax, Inc.
Vortec corp.
Waste Management
Webcraft, Inc.
Western Electric Company
Wheelabrator Energy Company
Worthington Steel Company
Wyoming Valley
Zeeland Chemical